Questions to ask Real Estate Agents


How long have you been selling real estate? Are you full time?
How many homes have you sold in the past 6 months? Year? Your career?
What is your average sales price?
How many homes have you sold in my area? Which specific ones?
What can you tell me about the real estate market in this area?
What price do you recommend for my home, and what is it based on?
What are some possible pitfalls in getting my home sold fast? How are you going to overcome these?
What is your average days on market?
What is your list to sales price ratio?
How many listings do you have right now?
What percentage of your listings actually sell?
What kind of advertising do you do? May I see some samples?
How often will my home be advertised, and where? How often will these ads be freshened up and evaluated for effectiveness?
How do you attract buyers from outside the local area? Where do most of your buyers come from?
Will my property have it’s own single property website, facebook page?
Will you be doing any blogging or vlogging about my home?
Will my home be featured on Youtube & slideshare?
Do you advertise on Craigslist, and pay-per-click sites?
What types of social media marketing do you do?
What type of lead capture & Management system do you use to maintain communication with prospective buyers?
How often, and in what way will I be kept informed?
Do you have a staff of assistants to help with the details?
Do you have references that I may call?
Do you have a satisfaction guarantee policy?