Ten Steps To Getting Top Dollar For Your Home

Ten Simple Steps To Help You Get Top Dollar

When Selling Your Home Or Investment Property

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  1. Make sure your home shows its best. Emotion plays a big part in helping people to make a purchase decision. The easier it is for a prospective buyer to “move in in their own mind” the better shot you’ll have at getting them to submit an offer. Make sure your home looks and smells fresh and clean.


  1. Let there be lots and lots of light. Make sure all light bulbs are working and on when your home is being seen, regardless of what time of the day. Be sure to open the curtains, blinds and shutters to let the sun in and be certain the windows and drapes are clean.


  1. Hold it open. Invite the neighbors. Getting top dollar requires showing your home in its very best light to the most amounts of people. Your neighbors all know lots of people that you don’t and they’ve chosen your neighborhood because they like it. Enrolling them in the process of selling your home is a great way to spread the word through their networks. People love being able to choose their own neighbors!


  1. Constant exposure. The first showing your home will ever have will be online. In fact, you’ll likely get the most showings there as well. Buyers will not take the time to come and see your home if it doesn’t look and sound appealing online. Professional photos are well worth the effort and expense. Do not set impediments in front of potential buyers such as “shown by appointment only” unless it’s incredibly simple and fast to schedule one.


  1. Non-traditional advertising. If your home is priced in a ‘first time home buyer’ price range than consider advertising financing options that would appeal to first time home buyers such as FHA rehab loans, VA and other low down payments programs. Are their first time home buyers $ incentives that your city or county provide? Your expert real estate advisor should be able to answer all these questions and create a smart plan for you.


  1. Price it smartly from the beginning. Next to having your home on the market for an extraordinary amount of days nothing looks worse to buyers than a constantly changing asking price. This is critical. Sometimes the best strategy is to price your home substantially lower then you’ll accept in order to attract more attention to your property.


  1. Understand the market will dictate what your home is worth and not your personal needs. If you need more money than your home is worth than you’ll need to ask yourself if now is the right time to try and sell it. You might need to stick around for a while and let the market catch up to your wishes if you aren’t getting the price you need or feel that think it’s worth.


  1. Get an escape clause in your listing agreement just in case your agent isn’t performing to your satisfaction. Most traditional real estate sales people will want to lock you into a lengthy listing contract allowing them to put a sign in your yard, post some pictures online and go searching for their next listing. Don’t get stuck with an under performer.  I provide an ‘Easy-Exit Guarantee’ to all my seller clients that allows them to cancel our agreement at any time, for any reason, no questions asked and at no cost you. Please consider interviewing me!


  1. Choose Your Agent Wisely. Some real estate professionals bounce from brokerage to brokerage like a beach ball. Know that you are getting the person you meet and interview with and not the logo on their card.


  1. Consider Having Your Home Appraised Prior to listing it. There is an expense in this but it can be well worth it. Homes rarely sell above the appraised value unless the buyer has extra cash to bring to the table and a strong belief the appraiser is wrong, which isn’t likely. Pricing your home above its ultimate appraised value can kill a good deal while pricing it below its appraised value and displaying the appraisal for the world to see can really help generate excitement, and offers. I cover the expense for an upfront appraisal on many of my listings – just ask!

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